Intro to levitation

Levitation- the act or process of levitating; especially : the rising or lifting of a person or thing by means held to be supernatural.

Paranormal- Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

One thing that I took in from looking at professional levitation photos is; you either need to take 2 different photos, use support, or use the jumping technique.  A lot of people use photoshop to crop out the person and then paste or edit it in to the blank photo


Shadows, always follow you
created by light,
 in the times of darkness
always behind you,
always trailing
walking besides its equal
only until the sun goes down.

History of photography

Explain at least four fascinating facts, highlights that you learned about the History of Photography. Explain why these things are important to your learning.
I learned a lot of new interesting things about photography throughout history, like the pinhole camera that flipped the image on the wall, or like the calotype images where you put the sealence over the photo in order to make the shadows a lot darker and the photo more grainy. I also enjoyed learning about the different phases the photographers went through until they finally found what they were good at or what they liked to do. My favorite out of all of them was Imogen because she expressed herself and her love for photography.


Reflection has two meanings
Looking and seeing
absorbing your appearance
 through your eyes
or realizing things and processing them unfiltered.
People often ask if they are good enough
 but not truly seeing themselves

Reflection is noticing but yet being unaware.

Landscapes and architecture

The garden The garden painted high and low with greens and speckles of color. The garden breathing in with life The garden moving with the wind The garden, a place of zen and peace My home is within the garden.
The garden browning with rot The garden no longer breathing in life The garden, whipping in the wind The garden

photos with quotes

I chose this image because there is a lot of space to have text and also because I like the colors in the background.  This quote is from my favorite movie and relates a lot to the photo.  The quote talks about noticing things and realizing things about life.  The last few words were the reason I chose the photo, like when the sun sets the whole world goes dark just like how it says "the room went dark" . I think that this quote is meaningful and fits in with the picture.
In this picture I tried to find a quote about getting lost.  I chose this quote because I was in a corn maze when I took this picture and I did get lost and I thought that if I chose a quote about getting lost it would be very fitting and more realistic in a way.  This quote is almost like a metaphor for life.  I liked this quote a lot and how it relates to finding yourself and who you are or who you want to be.   I chose this photo because I took it in Europe and I think the picture came out well.  The qu…

Biweekly Shapes

One of my favorite things to do its to draw and sketch.  When I draw things it helps me release stress and makes me feel peaceful and zen.  One of the things that I enjoy doing is taking a picture that I like and turning it in to a drawing in my own "words" . I think that drawing can tell a lot about who a person is and what they enjoy, for example I like to draw pictures of moons and stars and suns because I really enjoy astrology and the signs and horoscopes, I think that its really interesting and its one of my favorite things to read and take in.  This drawing I though was a good example for shapes because it shows the half circle of the crescent moon and the shapes I drew inside the moon.